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This site is the only commercial website fully authorized by Robert A. Maguire. As the artist who created these fabulous images, Mr. Maguire claims all rights to his lifetime portfolio. Unfortunately, unauthorized use of and reproduction of artwork is pandemic on the world wide web. That being said, please enjoy this celebration of illustrative art.

We hope you like your tour through our gallery. Of course, this is just a small sample of Mr. Maguire's body of work. We have added more images to our collection over the past few months. If you have a favorite Maguire cover, special orders will be considered.

We have also included some of Mr. Maguire's recent romantic paintings. Perhaps in the future we will have a site for Bob's fine art as well.

We are interested in your comments and questions. If you have been unsucessful in reaching us in the past, please try again at our new address. Thank you for your interest!

Contact Information:
For any inquiries, contact Lynn Maguire

Email: ramaguirecoverart@yahoo.com

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